The Webinar, The Haircut, and The Isolated Ramen

Weekends excite me. Before the pandemic, I usually stay out a bit late after office on Fridays and go to spots near my workplace that I haven’t been to before. I like to take walks, taking in the world around me, and letting myself be swayed by the motions of the night. I would treat myself with a new book, good food, and coffee – really good coffee. When I get home I do a bit of binge-watching on Netflix knowing I don’t need to get up early the next day.

Surprisingly, accepting the new normal for my weekends came easily. I quickly acclimated to being more of a homebody during the quarantine. Yes, cabin fever kicks in especially when I’m bored and stressed out. To balance it I loosely plan my weekend activities so I can be productive and maybe go outside for essentials.

Yesterday (Saturday) was really eventful since I got to learn something new and go outside for an essential trip!

The Webinar

A friend of mine, Kris Austria, is building something new to pivot during this season. He wanted to follow through with his dream of using his skills and talents in speaking to teach and reach more people. He gathered a few of us at 10 am in the morning for a test run of his webinar “SPEAK UP: Your Confidence Booster in Public Speaking.”

Even if it was only a test run, I felt my public speaking skills got a needed boost through all the practical points he gave. What stuck with me the most was the part on using speech patterns to organize your thoughts better when speaking. It’s a blessing to learn something new from a friend who’s taking a step in making his dreams a reality.

If you want to know more about Kris you can follow his blog here!

The Haircut
Social distancing and all hygienic precautions are in place and the stylists are wearing PPEs

After the webinar, I went out with my anti-virus gear and got a much-needed haircut. My hair has grown four inches since my last visit to the salon. Ever since I got my head shaved I became finicky with my hair and have switched from one stylist to another. I think once you try going bald you just get more adventurous with your hairstyle. 

My new haircut and my customized compliant mask

My search for a hairstylist was fulfilled a few years ago when I found this quaint salon in Alabang. Jeryk, my stylist has a sixth sense when it comes to what I want with my hair. He knows my head so well and I’ve become friends with him over the years. He got a new cool-looking scorpion tattoo! I told him I wanted a quiff and a couple of hours of expert snips later I got what I wanted. He’s just the best!

The Isolated Ramen

After getting my hair done I heard my stomach rumbling. There is only one thing on my mind – ramen. Good ramen. I’ve been craving for ramen for weeks so I cautiously went to Ramen Nagi in the nearby mall to get my fix.

Dining out takes a bit of getting used to in the new normal. You need to comply in filling out contact tracing forms, hygiene checks, and get your temperature taken. Safety first! When you’ve gone through all the necessary checks, then you get seated. The restaurant tables are arranged in such a way that social distancing is still in place and only a maximum of two can be seated per table.

I got seated between tables occupying two people. I felt awkward and a bit lonely since I usually eat ramen with my friends. Seizing the joy at that moment, I ordered my go-to ramen and some gyoza on the side. I missed these dishes so much that I finished eating in under fifteen minutes! *burp* It was such a good heart-warming bowl! 

I’ve been outside long enough and getting a bit paranoid, so I went straight home after eating which was good since it started raining. It was a productive day. 

I continue to have faith and hope that one day there will be a better normal to replace our new normal. As we wait for that day to come, let’s seize the joy that our new normal can offer. See you in the better normal!

My friend, be reminded that safety is still the number one priority so if you need to go out please practice proper hygiene, social distancing, follow rules, and always wear your face mask! Keep safe always!

What does your recent new normal weekend look like?

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2 thoughts on “The Webinar, The Haircut, and The Isolated Ramen”

  1. Love the new haircut, Kalvin! And you got me craving for ramen too. It’s odd, but the new normal has some exciting novelty to it.

    Thanks for featuring my small webinar! 😀

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