About KalvinFive

Hi! I’m Kalvin Cinco, an IT professional residing in Manila. I love to sing, read, and laugh really hard HA HA HA! On some days I am an MC at our weekly community gathering and I am the head of our Connect Ministry. This blog is a result of me yielding to a nagging voice at the back my head that kept saying “Kalvin! you should write more!” over and over again; hence, KalvinFive the blog was born.

Besides writing on my journal, posting on social media, dumping thoughts on my Google Keep, and rocking being the Editor in Chief of our college publication iCON – I wanted to write on my own space on the internet. A space where I can write things that I care and feel strongly about wherein everyone of you can read, and hopefully create connections. I dream of writing pieces that will make you feel something, and awaken you to things that you haven’t seen before.

I will be sharing “thought bursts” in different forms with you on this blog so there’s a possibility that things can get a little random every now and then. If you learned something new, or if something touched you in any way, please don’t hesitate to share the post or leave a comment so more can connect. You can also reach me via blog.kalvinfive@gmail.com

P.S.: Kindly bear with me a little as I work to make this blog a home you can come back to. Happy reading!


9 thoughts on “About KalvinFive”

  1. Despite reading this in sweet about me in English I can feel the kabayan vibe from it. Wholesome and fun.
    PS: Thank you for mentioning Google Keep. I’ve been wondering what other safer options I have besides Evernote. Nice to meet you πŸ€—

    1. Nice to meet you too Jessica 😊 It’s always a pleasure meeting Filipinos here on WordPress since I only know a few who maintain a blog.
      Give Google Keep a try I find it easier to use than Evernote especially if you have a Gmail account. It sync well into everything.

      1. Thanks Kalvin! Yes, I’ll try Google Keep.

        Back in 2006 I know a lot of Filipino bloggers (at least 1k) but then I deleted my old blog and did not return to WordPress until 2 years ago. I tried to find them again but all of them has stop blogging. Social media seemed to have pulled us away from blogs, which is sad πŸ˜”

      2. Aw that’s sad to hear. I guess one of the ways to go would be to drive content on other social media platforms as well. It’s good that you returned πŸ™‚

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