The Day I Had My Head Shaved

Many years ago I woke up with the most exciting and brightest idea ever. It fired me up so much that I hurriedly went through my morning routine to get it done. Ready and decided, I took a breath of courage and went straight to the nearest barbershop. I’m getting my head shaved.

“What cut do you want today?” asked Boss Max – my barber. 

“I want it all off Max,” I said with awkward confidence.

“You want it all shaved off?” He was surprised and wary since he knew my father. My dad and I shared the same barber and he’s good friends with Max. I saw him thinking if my father would approve of me going bald. Can’t blame him I just thought of it that morning.

Nervously, I grinned at him and said “Yes!” 

We settled on a close buzz, without any more questions, Max said, “OK! there’s no going back boy!”

I was both excited and nervous. I really didn’t think about how other people would react when they see me with my head shaved. The only thing that was running through my head that time was the happiness of having the wind brush my scalp and not worrying about styling my hair. It was one of the craziest and most impulsive things I have ever done and I’m all for it! 

Max did his usual preparations. He made me comfortably sit on the barber chair, fastened the white barber drapes snugly around my neck, and brought out his kit. As he took the big clipper out, he smiled at me through the mirror, noticing my nervous glance towards the lawnmower for my head. I heard a low buzz and felt cold metal touch the base of my neck. 

This is it, Kalvin! You’re going bald!

Electricity shoots up my spine as Max expertly glided the clipper over my head. Thankfully the drapes are long because they hid the goosebumps flaring around my body. Who knew that getting your head shaved for the first time feels so exhilarating! All nervousness gone, I smiled with wide eyes as I saw clumps of hair fall on the floor. Each pass of the clipper exposing my never-before-seen scalp.

After a few minutes, it was done. It was a blissful experience. The boy who used to have a thick head of hair now looks like a newborn hedgehog. The wind from the aircon brushed my head, I ran my hand around my scalp and felt a weird sense of happiness. 

I can’t believe it! I’m bald!

See my forehead shine! My hair has already grown out a bit here.

Needless to say, my parents were surprised when I got home. They didn’t disapprove of it, they even told me how to take care of my bare scalp. They got over it after a couple of hours knowing my hair grows back quickly.

My friends on the other hand were more shocked. They would always ask if I had gone through some great emotional upheaval. Their worry turned to amusement when I tell them that I impulsively had it shaved one morning. My head became the topic of attention and teasing with their hands reaching to give me head rubs.

Be Bald Bold And Brave

I’m not saying that you should go have your head shaved today! (that’s not really sound advice haha! ) If you’re up to it, go for it especially while you’re still young. Having your head shaved saves you so much time in the morning and it has a lot of other perks! (Again, please don’t heed this advice from a spontaneous guy on the internet hahaha!)

I want to leave you with an encouraging message.

Your ideas, thoughts, hopes, and dreams matter. They matter. No matter how small or crazy it is, and no matter what everyone else says – they matter. I don’t want you to give up on them.

If you woke up today with a revolutionary idea that fires you up do it!

The world needs what you have to say and do. You don’t need to shave your head as a requirement to start letting them out. It may be hard at first because you’re nervous or fearful but maybe it’s exactly what the world needs to be better. So puff up your chest with courage and believe in yourself. I’m excited for what you can do!

I’m rooting for you. My barber is rooting for you. Root for yourself too!

Thank you for taking time to read my story! You’re awesome!

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Take care and keep safe!

Credits: Photo by Caleb Oquendo on

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