Chasing Sunrise

One day he suddenly woke
In the last hour before dawn
A chance to chase the sun was on

Moving forward
He clutched his side
Pain shot up in every stride

He gasped for air
Breathed fast like there’s no tomorrow
No more time that he could borrow

He kept running
His heart pumped a different beat
He didn’t stop until it’s complete

A ray of light
Broke through the sky
The man let out an incredible sigh

“If only I knew
The sunrise was this beautiful
I would have taken all my strides in full”

Then every morning he rose
Moving gracefully
Through sunsets and goodbyes

His dream now alive
He claimed victory
Over the challenge of the sun


Possibility #365,143

A bit of a foreword. This little bundle of words made me laugh at how cheesy it came out but maybe the world needs some cheesiness right now. May the cheesiest and most audacious possibilities we dream about come true. Now pass the Parmesan please!

I can think up a million possibilities
Of how things will work out for us in the end
In some we end up getting lost, sad, and confused
in others we become indifferent to the needs of each other
Solace, all of them probably won’t happen

In all my anxious thinking about tomorrow
I found only one possibility that we can rely on
Possibility number three-six-five, one-four-three
It tells a future that carries a promise of love for every day
Where we’re held secure, no need to worry

Now I don’t need to think a million more
For I’ve decided to bet my hopes and dreams 
On this possibility that I want to become reality
Let’s work together for possibility number three-six-five, one-four-three
It may not be perfect but we’re free

Thanks for reading! You’re the best!
I have a new article coming out of hiding for you guys real soon.

Oh and do take extra care these days 🙂
Stay home, stay healthy and keep safe!

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