There’s So Much To Be Grateful For

“A grateful heart, is a happy heart”

In the first half of this year, I was blessed to be given a solo part in our company’s virtual choir. The song was Thankful by Josh Groban. The first verse up until the chorus goes like this:

“Somedays, we forget to look around us
Somedays, we can’t see the joy that surrounds us
So caught up inside ourselves
We take when we should give

So for tonight, we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for
What we still can’t see
It’s up to us, to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There’s so much to be thankful for”

The first two lines strongly resonated with me. Recently I find myself focusing too much on things that are not sitting well with me that I forget to cherish the good things that are happening around me ready to bless me. Sometimes we are too caught up in worrying about our problems (even ones we can’t control) and forget that it’s only a small part of our lives. At some point, we need to stop and remember that there’s so much more to life that you can be thankful for.

What you focus on grows. So at least for this moment, let’s focus on what’s going great for us and let it grow wild.

Let me share some of the things that I’m grateful for in the last couple of months.

  1. Job security

I’m one of the blessed who still has work and a stable income, especially during this pandemic. We are allowed to work from home and have flexible working hours.

  1. Provision for basic necessities

Staying at home for several months now made me appreciate the basic necessities that I have easy access to every day more. Having a house to stay in, a bed to sleep in, good meals throughout the day, being able to pay the bills, and enjoy the basic comforts of a home is a reason for gratitude.

  1. Little luxuries in life

On top of the basic necessities, I’m still able to afford luxuries that some people don’t have. Recently we upgraded our internet connection, I bought my first bed set, and I am able to get good deals through online shopping. Watching Netflix has also been my go-to anti-stress activity after a long day of work.

  1. Practice public speaking

During these times, I was given opportunities to practice my public speaking skills online. It’s exciting to have co-hosted a podcast interviewing a yoga practitioner and a preacher. I also facilitated training in e-mail writing for my colleagues at work.

  1. Fitness goals

Since I started my fitness journey this April, I am proud to announce that I am now 70lbs lighter! My weight loss stalled a bit, so I enrolled in a gym and have been training with my coach for two weeks now. Also, today marks my first week anniversary of getting my first ever massage!

  1. Safe relationships

Nowadays It’s good to have a company especially if you’re just at home and you’re feeling lonely. I’m thankful for my friends who I can turn to for support when I most need them. Even if we only meet online, our church community really makes an effort to bridge gaps and connect with each other. Having time to spend with my parents is also something I treasure.

  1. Expression in writing and singing

Letting my emotions out in writing and singing are one of the ways I’ve kept myself sane during the quarantine. I’ve had many opportunities to sing for virtual choirs. Recently, I have been writing to drive content for a social media page. 

  1. God

Everything that I am grateful for is all by the grace of God. If not for Him I wouldn’t even have these things to enjoy. I thank God for meeting me in my quiet moments, for his forgiveness, and for never letting me fall into ruin.

I hope that as we move into another month, your hearts will be filled with gratitude so that your face glows. There’s so much blessing around you, you just need to see them. Believe that a breakthrough is coming. May your eyes shine brighter and your steps spring you up to the skies.

Until next time friend. 

Comment below.
What are you grateful for?

Photo by Kiy Turk on Unsplash

Raise Your Glass For The Fighting Hearts

October has been a very turbulent month for me. There were days where my brain went overdrive blasting me vivid idealistic scenarios of how things should or shouldn’t be. There are also many things that I want to share here but couldn’t because I feel disconnected. Unsaid words, unexpressed feelings, and unrealistic scenarios would occupy my head wanting to burst out and be realized.

Writing for myself these past few weeks kept me from breaking. Rather than bottling it up, cupping my ears, closing my eyes, and shutting my mouth, I allowed them all to flow to my fingertips and become words on a screen. Words that I will only get to see. Words whose only sole purpose is to keep me company.

Now, as the month comes to a close. I would like to make a toast. 

Raise your glass with me. 

To the ones enduring silent hardship. To the ones who are fighting their own battles without weapons. To the ones who have emerged limping yet still victorious. Never give up. Never give in. Keep moving forward until you win.

You’re already on the winning side. I am rooting for you.

Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash

Miracle On My Cab Driver’s Playlist

I was on my way to work feeling overwhelmed and on the brink of being apathetic. The only thing I can remember was being crushed by intense emotions from all sides and my brain isn’t helping me with it’s enthusiastic overthinking. Going to work that day was a distraction to keep myself from spiraling down even more. 

My cab driver’s Spotify playlist didn’t help lift my mood. It was a hodgepodge of genres and it began to pick on my nerves. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and said a short honest prayer “Dear God, I want this day over!”

Then I heard a song that I didn’t expect to be included in the driver’s playlist. The song’s bridge and chorus goes like this:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

I will call upon Your name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine

The song is Oceans by Hillsong UNITED. This song holds a deep meaning for me spiritually being a Christian. My eyes welled up with tears and I spent the rest of the ride struggling to hold them back. They weren’t tears of sadness but of assured joy, peace, and gratitude. That day was filled with abundant, overflowing, miraculous grace.

I believe that there are no coincidences. When God wants to tell us something He will use ordinary things in an extraordinary way that we could never expect. Whatever happens in our present and our future has already been perfectly orchestrated by God so there is no need to worry. 

Keep trusting, keep going. Have faith!

Maybe God is telling you something today. Slow down, say a prayer, be silent, and listen. 

“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

1 Samuel 3:10

Sending love! May you have a grace-filled day today!

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I’m 10/10: What’s Your Rating At Being Human?

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself at being human?

As you think about it let me tell you a short story.

Growing up I used to frequently have moments where I think that I’m failing at life. That I was going nowhere and anything that I do would not amount to something great. That the projects and activities that I involve myself in aren’t enough to make me successful no matter how much I compensate. I wanted to please people to get appreciation because I felt that my efforts aren’t enough. That I wasn’t enough and I’m a failure.

I rated myself a low four on being human.

My definition of a successful human being before was for one to live a life of perfection, reach goals, have high self-esteem, be financially secure, and many other positive traits. I had a narrow view of how the world works.

In order for me to rank higher, I needed to be perfect. I put on several masks so people wouldn’t ask too many questions and that I will “appear” like a ten. Little did people know, behind the mask, what I can’t express healthily came back at me destructively. With the self-imposed pressure of becoming pristine in front of others, I didn’t notice that I was forgetting to be more compassionate towards myself even losing my own self-worth. It was depressing.

It took a lot of unlearning and hard work but I was able to peel my mask off layer by layer. Seeing the world unobstructed by the narrow eyeholes was freeing. I embraced my flaws and weaknesses and built myself with better pieces. I didn’t need to be a certain way to gain approval from others. It’s more peaceful to be an imperfect human instead of being a perfect alien from a galaxy far far away. 

Being human is not judged on perfection and success.

Being human means allowing yourself to experience life as it is. Going through highs and lows, joyful moments, heartbreak, victories, mistakes, and many other adventures that life has to offer makes you human. It’s normal for humans to experience bumps and find treasure in their journey.

Nothing that has happened in the past is wasted. Every moment has built you up to be the human you are today. Everything that you’ve lived through and every emotion that you’ve felt makes you 100% human

No matter what they say, you are a ten.

No matter what you say to yourself, you – are – always – a – TEN.

Now, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself at being human?

Say it out loud!


Thank you for being an awesome 10/10 at reading my post!

I want to hear your thoughts! Comment them below 🙂

Keep Safe!

Letting The Sun Rise On Mirador Hill

Last December 2019, amidst all the loud Christmas celebrations, I was going through unrest. So I went up Mirador Hill in Baguio (a Jesuit Villa in the Philippines) for a silent retreat. A silent retreat, as I would describe it, is a retreat where you quiet yourself and listen intently to your body, your mind, your emotions, and importantly, listen to God (or if you may, to a higher being). Months leading to the end of last year was filled with overwhelming events and emotions, and the only thing I wanted was to walk away from all the noise. 

With all the buzz and busyness that we have in our fast-paced world, silence can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. 

One night during my retreat, I found myself awake very early in the morning. It was still dark outside. Sensing a thrill of adventure, I put on my hoodie and went outside submitting myself to the cold morning air. The moon’s gentle light caressed the trees and the gardens, illuminating the pathways on the hill. I let my feet do the wandering until I found a comfortable spot on a viewing deck facing where the sun will rise. I sat there in solitude, patiently waiting for the night to give way for the day.

Relishing the cool breeze, I observed the lights of the city by the hillside. I felt anxious as I saw cars zoom around making early errands. A heavy sigh came out of my chest. I didn’t want to go back to the city. At least, not yet.

From the busy city below, my eyes fixed itself on an instrument bearing the four cardinal directions with a spinning arrow on top – a wind vane. The North, East, West, and South signs were fixed but the arrow will always point towards where the wind blows with no objections. The arrow was obedient to the wind. It didn’t resist its gale but instead followed it, even if it was spun around and around not knowing where it will point to next. I watched the wind vane fulfill its purpose. As I took in the view, the sun gradually filled the sky with magnificent light. 

I was teary-eyed as the rays painted the sky with beautiful colors. A masterpiece made just for me. It’s one of the moments that will last in my heart forever.

The sun rising on Mirador Hill

Let The Sun Rise

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.

Thich Nhat Hanh

That morning taught me an important lesson that I’m still learning today – letting go

Letting go is hard especially when pain comes with it. We tend to always associate letting go with giving up control but it is also accepting things for ‘what they are’ and ‘what they are not’. Overthinking and replaying memories can ever change what has already happened or steer possible outcomes. It hurts more when we fight to tighten our grip on things that are not meant to stay. 

Letting go is trusting, accepting, and embracing uncertainties knowing that you’ll be ok. Although it seems frightening, there is freedom and peace when you let things go their natural course. When we let go we make space for new things that are sometimes packaged in uncertainty. 

Uncertainties will always come into our lives. It’s as constant as the rising of the sun and untamed like the blowing of the wind. It can come at us from any direction and point us toward uncharted territory. Wherever it leads, we just need to keep faith that we are exactly where we are meant to be. To experience new things that are not meant to harm us but strengthen us and make us better.

We cannot go to where we are meant to be unless we let go. 

Whatever you’re going through or if you’re in the middle of letting go. You’re doing great! During this pandemic maybe we are all invited to let go of what has been and embrace the new. Whatever that “new” thing is for you. As we continue to move, dear friends, hold on to hope, let go, and let the sun rise.

Thank you for reading! See you on the next post!

Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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How To Become A Better You? Use Your Powers!

These past few weeks I’ve been focusing my energy on building a better me. In the process, I found myself writing a New You Resolution (I just invented that, pun intended). I listed down all the things that I want to become after the pandemic. Since the world has paused for a bit, now is the perfect time to sharpen the saw and learn new things. It’s like submitting yourself to a badly needed makeover.

Some of the things in my New You Resolution:

  • Become better at healthy living
  • Become better at public speaking
  • Become better at writing (maybe start writing a book!)
  • Become better at choosing things that are good for me
  • Become better at being consistent in my career
  • Become better at loving and choosing me

I started each item with “become better” to remind myself that “becoming” is not an overnight thing but a process. Becoming a better version of ourselves takes time. Not only that, but it also takes several necessary steps backward of unlearning and several steady steps forward of learning. The process is intimidating and sometimes painful but as you begin to see progress and eventually reach your goals you’ll receive the best reward – a better you

WILL Power

Every New Year’s Eve, I write resolutions but none of them ever came true. On top of my list is to shed off more than a couple of pounds of weight. I did the hard work – I enrolled in a gym and tried many diets but my desire to follow through didn’t follow me through. I gave myself many excuses not to choose a healthier lifestyle. My will to continue went out of the window. Not even halfway through, I found that I couldn’t go on pushing myself to do things I didn’t like. I just put back on all the weight I’ve lost, all the hard work wasted. 

All of us have willpower and there a many are disciplined enough to just power through with it alone. So if you’re starting on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself, discipline and willpower is essential to power through the process of transformation. But when your will is tired, you need to go back to what drove you to start in the first place. Pair your will with your “why“.

WHY Power

Start with a big WHY to keep yourself moving. It is what will keep you fired up and excited to go through the process of becoming. Your “why” will be your weapon to slay everything that goes against your progress. You need to constantly feed your “why” with all the things connected to it to have a clearer picture of where you want to go. Write your “why” down on paper and stick on a mirror to remind yourself of it every day.

It’s been a month and a half now since I started working out again and I’ve already lost 15lbs with a better diet and proper exercise. I’ve also trusted the process that works for me. This time, I started with a big “why” that shakes me to the core. My Why? To love myself more so I can do more of the things I want to do and live the life I deserve

YOU Have The Power

Change is constant. You just need to choose what you want to change into. You have the power to choose.  I don’t know where you are in your journey towards becoming who you want to be but I believe you can do it! When you fall back, be kind to yourself and never ever give up! You may not see progress immediately but as the saying goes – inch by inch, it’s a cinch!

Let’s encourage each other! Where are you now in your journey of becoming your better version? Are you running on willpower? Or are you keeping it up with your why-power? What is your why?

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Ever Asked Yourself: Am I Just Surviving Or Fully Living?

A thought struck me with all this pandemic crisis going on. Let me re-frame what’s happening at this angle. What if, right now, as we are staying home we are being resuscitated and we’re experiencing a very gentle near-death experience. Where us being resuscitated means choosing between living a new and better life after the crisis or just go back to the same old uneventful life we’ve had before. It’s like a reboot for a 2nd chance in life!

I’ve been battling with my own thoughts these past few days and been attempting to clean the clutter inside my mental space. It’s hard work because you have to submit yourself to the process of taking things out of the closets and cupboards of your mind and see if what you have pulled out still serves you well and contribute to you being a better version of yourself.

It’s like spring cleaning but instead of taking things out, you take out memories, habits, weaknesses, flaws, joys, triumphs and etc. and see if they are still helping you grow. Otherwise, you have to decide whether to throw them away or not. It’s not an easy process. Because like spring cleaning you will encounter stuff that is unmistakable “clutter” that has served you well in the past but it’s of no use to you now, something hard to let go, but you must. Throw the garbage out.

Restlessness and discontent about where I am right now have been one of my driving forces to move forward. There is a lot of resistance that needs to be slain so I can keep on moving. Resistance is a b**ch (saying it as it is!). It tells you to go back down in comfort and not do anything to take a step towards your fullest potential. I don’t want to just survive, I want to fully live! I want to make my dreams reality, I want to make better choices for myself, and I want to spend more time with people I love.  The one thing I fear most after the lockdown here gets lifted is that I will stay the same, that nothing has changed within me even just a little. 

When discontent makes you restless – move. When you are not satisfied with where you are – move. When you’re not happy – move. When you’re stuck – move. Even if it looks like nothing is happening you still did something – you moved.

You know, I consider this restlessness, discontent, and fear a blessing because it tells me where I want to go and who I want to become. I now know who I want myself to be. And I’m going to spend my 2nd life moving towards it. I want to make a little ripple that can change the world and make the most of what life has in store for me, not only surviving but fully living. For when we fully live our lives the breaths we take for granted gain more meaning because in fully living, we give more of ourselves to the world that is striving to survive.

How is your mental space? Does it need a spring cleaning? Are you just surviving or are you fully living?

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Let’s go to the Beach! We’re Diving!

“The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish”

– Jacques Yves Coustaeu
The Beachfront

I’ve been looking at vacation photos on my Facebook recently and I came across our trip to Pandan Island. It was such a memorable experience because It was my first time to go snorkeling and try free-diving! This experience led me to some realizations as well. Let me take you guys to the beach and free-dive with me as I try my best to paint the picture of the island, the corals, and the world under the sea! (*cue music Under the Sea*)

The oceans and seas have always fascinated me. Can you believe that the ocean covers 71% of the Earth and yet 95% of it remains unexplored? So when a group of friends invited me to go on vacation on a remote island resort I immediately said yes!

To the island!

We got on board a 30-minute plane ride from Manila going to Occidental Mindoro. We were buzzing with so much energy and excitement that we barely felt the 3-hour van ride taking us to the seaport where we’ll take a small boat to the island. The pleasant smell of the sea invaded our noses as we walked on the beachfront leaving our footprints in the fine white sand. We reached the bar and merrily gulped down our welcome drinks. Smiles were flashing across our faces – this is going to be the best summer EVER!

“Ok everyone, let’s gather here early tomorrow and I’ll give a 101 on freediving!” said our friend Sir Mel (nickname for Hanamel). He’s a an amazing free-diver! We then explored the island a little bit and waited for the next day to come.

As the sun greeted us with an energizing glow we headed to the beachfront bringing our masks, snorkels, and fins with us. We did stretches to warm up and dipped ourselves in the cool waters by the shore. Afterwards, Mel taught us the basics of breathing, equalizing, diving posture, safety measures and everything you need to know as a first timer in free-diving. He also warned us not to panic when we encounter dangerous sea creatures like jellyfish, lionfish, sea snakes, and the infamous triggerfish which has a human-like face and teeth that can punch a hole through your suit. I was a bit nervous but I was more excited to explore and try something that I haven’t done before.

We swam out in pairs as we headed to a nearby fish sanctuary. Sea turtles would come near and swim with us every now and then being friendly and hospitable to us – their visitors. There were occasional sightings of triggerfish, and sea snakes but they didn’t pose enough danger. After a myriad of schools of fish, and a showy display of corals we have arrived at the sanctuary.

My close encounter with a sea tutrle

It was beautiful. When you look down from the surface of the water, you will see the fish as a bunch of colorful lines busily swimming through their day minding their own businesses in the corals. But when you dive deep to meet them it’s like you’ve been plunged into a totally different world that only few know about. The light shines differently down there. You will literally get to see and know the fishes in a different light and perspective. Some fish will shine a pearly white sheen. Some show off a dazzling array of yellows, greens, and blues. The bigger fish would come in and assert their authority and the smaller ones would happily zoom in and out of their coral homes. I wished I had a bigger lung capacity so I can stay down there for more than a few seconds. I was captivated by the beauty of the sea.

“Be careful not to go over the deeper end, and dive more than 30 feet deep. You’ll go into free-fall.” Mel calmly told us.

I was curious about the free-fall. My maximum depth during that time was 18 feet. The deeper end, and beyond that was scary. It looked like a huge abyss where many unknowns live. A world where light also shines differently. A world unexplored – at least by me. At that moment I got why some get addicted to diving. For me, there’s a thrill calling for you to go beyond the surface and see the treasures that lie underneath.

Our five days on the island went by at a satisfying pace. We heeded the call of the waters every day and we just talked about anything in our lives under the moonlit sky every night. The calming sound of the waves and the silence of the island imprinted itself in our ears. I didn’t want to leave the place. On our last day, we said goodbye to the island and went back to the city with sun-kissed skin still hearing the call of the sea.

Diving With People

Looking back at this vacation I realized that diving can be related with people we meet every day. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. From the surface, it may seem like the people we encounter are just perpetually going about their day from point A to point B living their lives best they can. But when you have an opportunity to dive deep with them, especially with the ones close to you you’ll see how the light bounces off of them differently but in a beautiful way. Sometimes if you’re lucky and brave enough, you get to free-fall 30 feet below with them in their abyss and see their well-kept treasure.

Echoing the quote above, the best way to observe a person is to become a person too. It sounds a bit odd so let me rephrase. The best way to get to know people is for you to become a real person with them is willing to dive into their depths and see their own light. Our relationships with others can be as deep as you want to go diving with them. 

So let’s go diving! Are you ready to take the plunge?

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The Gift in A Pandemic

two woman hugging each other
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Today is Sunday (at the time of writing), and I’m now on the 7th day of my self-quarantine having traveled from a country with confirmed cases. I’m not showing any symptoms so don’t worry! It’s a little bothersome for me that I’m holed up inside our house, mostly staying in my bedroom, with the occasional trip downstairs to eat meals and use the bathroom. I know, this will be the new normal for me, for everyone, as long as the worldwide quarantine is still being enforced – we better follow!

Life was fast paced for me as the calendar rolled from February to March. I was living from responsibility to responsibility, and worry to worry with all my plans lined up in front of me. I was in execution mode, hyping and constantly reminding myself of my “to-dos”.

“Ok man, here’s what we’re gonna do today:
Quit procrastinating!
Prepare training materials!
You need to deliver your tasks today!
Attend that important meeting this afternoon!
Leave early else you won’t make it to your weekly prayer meeting!
You have choir practice in the office AND band rehearsals at the studio tonight!
Attend Bible Study!
Keep yourself healthy!
Get ready for an upcoming talk!
Ready the script and documents for the retreat!
Reach out to people, keep them in the fold!
Pack your bags for your trip outside the country!
And, oh! before going to bed, Overthink! And overthink about overthinking!”

Gift of Rest and Action

A sudden change of pace happened as I started my self-quarantine. After a very busy month, I was able to pause and breathe as the whole city goes into a community quarantine. I don’t want to discount the negative things this disease has done to the world but with all the hope and optimism I have, I choose to see it as a gift.

It’s a gift that’s hard to appreciate (-having disrupted and taken many lives) but it has allowed, for most of us, to slow down, stop, rest, and listen. It has also given us back time to do the things that we want to do but can’t in our regular lives. It’s as if mother nature pressed a reset button so the world and everything in it can put itself back together and heal.

We are now given more opportunities to reconnect with our loved ones, eat uninterrupted meals with our families, and reach out to old friends. We now have more time to rest and let our bodies heal from lack of sleep, stress, and fatigue. We can now listen more intently to your heart’s desires, to the thoughts that bothers you, and to events happening around you, and put things into perspective. Most importantly, we can now set aside more time for prayer and rekindle our relationship with God.

Taking a moment to rest is good, but rest should always be followed by action. We may not be allowed to go out of our houses but we can still move in ways that will help people, especially the ones risking their lives in the front lines.

What can we do?

  •       Follow the rules for the quarantine
  •       Write uplifting stories and hopeful songs
  •       Affirm people making an effort in combating the disease
  •       Share good news (not fake ones) and spread reliable information
  •       Donate to organizations and causes that aids in eradicating the pandemic
  •       Pray for the front liners and the people responsible for making decisions

These are only some of the ways we can extend our help outside our homes. Let’s do our best to flatten the curve.

We are all in this together. We are now healing together. We have been cooped up in our houses for so long with little to no human touch that I can’t wait for that day when we hear from the morning news, the words “Last case of COVID19 has recovered”. I can only imagine the joy of people running out of their houses all over the world, celebrating outside, hugging the first person they see so tight, tears streaming down their faces, feeling the warmth of a person’s touch.

Be Still

What’s happening right now can be overwhelming. To take it all in and deal with the uncertainty of not being able to know what’s gonna happen tomorrow can cause a lot of doubt, confusion, and anxiety. It’s ok to feel this way. Wherever you are right now, and whatever you’re feeling I can assure you, it’s all going to be ok in the end we only need to be still.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him according to His purpose” Romans 8:28

Friend, may your faith increase today. Allow yourself to be held. Trust that no tear, no worry, no sigh, and no struggle is left unheard by God and everything you’re going through is not wasted. God is close to the brokenhearted and hears the cry of His people. He hasn’t turned His back and left you, but He is with you, beside you, above you, behind you, and around you. He is blessing you right now with peace beyond understanding.

We don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow because he’s already been there. He has seen the healing take place. There’s no need to be afraid for He already knows what’s up, He’s not shaken, He’s not surprised. We will be able to see each other again, we can do hi-fives again, and interact with people again. No more hiding inside our houses as the day of breakthrough comes.

Right now is a time for us to fix our eyes on God and lean on him for hope for his promise of his faithfulness, joy, strength, and peace.

See You!

I believe this will be over soon and I’m so excited to see you!

We are all in a season where we can rest and take action on things that we can control. We have been given many gifts and opportunities this season and the only thing left to do is open them with gratitude. Remember that you’re not alone, the whole world is in this together. It’s OK to be overwhelmed, but don’t be discouraged and put our hope in a God who never fails.

What other gifts are you being invited to open during this quarantine? (Did you receive the gift of forgiveness? The gift of time? The gift of rest?)

See you on the day of breakthrough!

The Blessing

Let me end with a blessing from Numbers 6:24-26

“The Lord bless you and keep you

The Lord make his face shine upon you

and be gracious to you

The Lord turn his face toward you

and give you peace “


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