Push And Pull

Push and pull
How will this go
Hot and cold
Please let me know

Near and far
I’m at the bend
Right and wrong
When will this end

Light and dark
It’s getting rough
Freeze and thaw
I’ve had enough

Empty and full
My heart’s on track
Fear and love
I got myself back

Found this little poem I wrote last year in my drafts. Reading it again gave me the feels.
Get yourself back on track 🙂

Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash


Sinagot Ng Pagmamahal – Answered By Love

Sinagot Ng Pagmamahal


Hindi ko alam ang sagot
Sa lahat ng mga tanong mo sa buhay
Pero itanong mo lang
Makikinig ako sa bawat salita
Makikiramay sa bawat luha
Nandito ako

Pangako, palagi kang may tahanan sa akin
Hahawakan ko ang mga kamay mo
At sasamahang hanapin ang mga sagot
Sa bawat sulok at bawat dulo
Magka sugat-sugat man tayo

Kung pagod ka na
Ang alok ko’y kapahingahan
Lalaban ng magkasama
Hanggang malaman natin na
Wala pala ang sagot sa mundo
Kundi nakatanim ng malalim sa puso
Hindi na kailangan pang lumayo

Buksan ang iyong dibdib
Na napalambot ng paglalakbay
Ilabas lahat ng tanong
Sa tahanan ng iyong puso
Pakinggan mo at unti-unting huminahon
Tahan na, tahan na
Naririnig ka
Sinagot ka ng Pagmamahal

Answered By Love


I don’t know the answers
To all the questions you have in life
But ask them anyway
I will listen to every word
I will remain through every tear
I’m here

Promise, you will always have a home in me
I will hold your hands
And be by your side to find the answers
Through every corner and every dead end
Even if we get wounded in the process

When you get tired
I offer myself as a resting place
We will fight our battles together
Until we realize that
The answer is not in the world
But planted deep within our hearts
We didn’t need to go far

Open up your chest
Softened by the journey
Let all your questions out
In the home of your heart
Listen and slowly calm down
It’s okay, It’s okay
You’re being heard
You were answered by Love

I originally wrote this tula (poem) in Filipino. I tried my best translating the words and feelings in English. I hope the message comes across the same. For the ones who have been searching for so long. For the ones who feels heavily burdened by with life. I hope that you find a home to come back to. Whether that home is a person or a place, I sincerely pray, especially as the year ends, that you come to a home where you are welcomed, appreciated, and loved. May each of us find our way home.

Until next time!

Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

Playing In The Rain

There was a boy
Who loved to play in the rain
Smiling at the sky with mouth wide open
Savoring drops of cool water
Pouring down from heaven

The boy ran around
Arms stretched wide like an eagle 
Soaring through the winds
Clothes drenched, soaked through to skin
Mirthless laughter coming from within

Then the boy becomes a man
He no longer knew the rain
Once of play now of pain
Walking around with head bent low
Not freedom not even hope of a rainbow

The man got wiser
His heart remembered love
Then rain came down 
Washed his eyes now he can see
Playing in the rain has set him free

Would you like to see more poems on my thought journal? Kindly comment your thoughts below. 🙂

photo credits: neonbrand

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A Random Thought

If my thoughts were loud enough to be heard
It will sound like the busy streets of Manila on Christmas eve

If my thoughts were able to make shapes
It will look like a doodle by a child armed with a sharpie

If my thoughts were to be breathed in
It will smell like freshly brewed coffee and expensive perfume

If my thoughts were to have a distinct flavor
It will taste like a spoonful of strawberry jam on a tortilla chip

If my thoughts were yearning to be felt
It will go out and express itself to connect with open hearts

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