Raise Your Glass For The Fighting Hearts

October has been a very turbulent month for me. There were days where my brain went overdrive blasting me vivid idealistic scenarios of how things should or shouldn’t be. There are also many things that I want to share here but couldn’t because I feel disconnected. Unsaid words, unexpressed feelings, and unrealistic scenarios would occupy my head wanting to burst out and be realized.

Writing for myself these past few weeks kept me from breaking. Rather than bottling it up, cupping my ears, closing my eyes, and shutting my mouth, I allowed them all to flow to my fingertips and become words on a screen. Words that I will only get to see. Words whose only sole purpose is to keep me company.

Now, as the month comes to a close. I would like to make a toast. 

Raise your glass with me. 

To the ones enduring silent hardship. To the ones who are fighting their own battles without weapons. To the ones who have emerged limping yet still victorious. Never give up. Never give in. Keep moving forward until you win.

You’re already on the winning side. I am rooting for you.

Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash