Fitness Friday 13: Loose Clothes and a Sweat-Drenched Animal

I have a happy problem. None of my clothes in my wardrobe fit right anymore.

Every top I own now awkwardly fits. They all look sloppy on my body with the sleeves looking to loose and the length is too long. Same goes with all the pairs of bottoms that I have. They’re now many sizes too large and I have to fold the fabric around my waist and cover them with a belt that I can now wear on the last hole.

I bought new clothes with the expert assistance of a friend who has been a close witness to my weight loss journey. I only got myself a pair of pants and a top that is versatile enough to transition as I lose more weight. It makes me happy that department store clothes can now fit me, I don’t need to go the plus size section and be limited by the choices there, they are also more expensive.

It’s like I have given myself a new chance to reinvent my style and the way I present myself to people. All the hard work is worth it.


Warm-up: 10 min. Stationary Bike

Workout Target Areas: Back & Core

12 Assisted Pull-ups (3 sets)
12 Deadlifts (4 sets) *last set 5 reps, 95 kilos
12 Bent-Over Barbell Row (3 sets)
12 Bent-Over Plate Row (3 sets)
12 Seated Bar Row (3 sets)
12 Close-Grip Lat Pull-Down (4 sets) *last set 5 reps, 100 kilos
12 Behind-the-Neck Lat Pulldown (4 sets) *last set 5 reps, 100 kilos
12 Straight-Arm Lat Pulldown (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Row (3 sets)
12 Incline Bench Dumbbell Row (3 sets) *new

Cardio (3 sets of):
2-min. Side-to-side Jumping Jacks
2-min. High Knees
2-min. Climbers
30 Ab Crunches


  • An intense start to an insanely intense week! Coach added more weight and back routines than usual.
  • Doing that last set of 95 kilos on my deadlifts was challenging but it made me feel empowered!
  • We’re trying to shape up my back more and give my body a straighter line. My posture certainly has improved in the past 4 months I’ve been going to the gym.
  • The post work-out cardio really made me tired. Before, we only used to do 30 jumping jacks, 30 high knees, and 30 climbers – now, I need to do the continuously for 2 mins straight which was HARD!
  • Completing the sets made me feel so great it’s like I’ve reached another milestone in my fitness journey.


Warm-up: 10 min. Stationary Bike

Workout Target Areas: Chest and Shoulders

12 Lying Bench Press (3 sets)
12 Incline Barbell Press (3 sets)
12 Decline Dumbbell Press (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Pullover (3 sets)
12 Pec Deck (3 sets)
12 Mid Chest Cable Cross Over 3 sets)

12 Standing Military Press (3 sets)
12 Lateral Raise (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Front Raise (3 sets)
12 Face Pull (3 sets)
12 Reverse Pec Deck (3 sets)
12 Cable Upright Row (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Shrugs (3 sets)

100 Advanced Leg Raises


  • In contrast to the previous day this was a little bit more tame.
  • The weight that I’ve been struggling with for my chest workouts now feel lighter which means I have gained muscle! Yes!
  • For the shoulders I find doing the front raises hard to do with progressive weights so we stayed on the same weight on a couple of sets to not sacrifice form.
  • It’s important to not sacrifice form over the weight because injuries can happen and you won’t be able to target the muscles.
  • My shoulders are now getting more defined and not rounded off anymore. I’m pleased to see them in the mirror because of the shape it gives my body.

Thursday (Drenched Animal)

Warm-up: 15 min. Stationary Bike

Cardio Day

2 sets of Animal Flow:
20 lengths of Duck Walks
20 lengths of Lizard Hops
20 lengths of Bunny Hops

4 sets of Cardio:
30 Battle Rope
20 Slam Ball

2 sets of:
50 Climbers
20 Pushups
50 Leg Raises


What the workout for this day was supposed to be like
  • This was my longest cardio session in the gym to date! Usually, it will only take 2 hours max but this time, I finished in 3 hours.
  • Originally, the coach set me out on 3 sets of animal flow, 4 sets of Cardio, and 3 sets of the last routines. He ended up taking away some of the sets upon seeing my struggle at being an animal.
  • Doing the animal flow exercises was SUPER HARD! They all involve leg work and requires you to be close to the floor. I have to travel from one point of the gym to the other while in “animal” form.
  • The duck walks got me out of breath after 5 lengths. It really put my weight on my legs and I have to keep myself balanced with my hands behind my head. By the end, I wasn’t doing it properly anymore because I was already doing wide lunges close to the floor. Everything from my waist down was stretched.
  • Doing the lizard hops movement was UNBELIEVABLE! I never even knew my body could move that way. It engaged other muscles I haven’t been using often. I think that’s why it was difficult for me. I was on all fours like a lizard and “hop” alternating my hands and feet.
  • The bunny hop was the easiest but after doing the two, I’m amazed I can still muster enough energy to hop like a bunny from a squat position from one end of the room to the other.
  • After two sets, I was drenched to my underwear in sweat and most of the people who went to the gym at the same time as me has already finished their day.
  • The reaming cardio sets were easy enough for me to finish faster since I’m more used to them but my exhaustion was already creeping up on me.
  • Coach told me we’re doing weak point training the next day so I can rest.
  • I dare not eat too much after this animalic work out so I just had two sticks of barbecue, walked home, and took my well-deserved rest.


Warm-up: 10 min. Stationary Bike

Workout Target Areas: Legs & Arms

12 Dead Squats (3 sets)
12 Leg Press (3 sets)
12 Hamstring Curl (3 sets)
12 Leg Extension (3 sets)
12 Calf Raise (3 sets)

12 Preacher Curl (3 sets)
12 Hammer Curl (3 sets)
12 Standing Dumbbell Curl (3 sets)

12 Triceps Pushdown (3 sets)
12 Triceps Cable Extension (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Kickback (3 sets)

Weak Point Training (Back):
12 Incline Bench Dumbbell Row (3 sets)
12 Bar Seated Row (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Row (3 sets)


  • We didn’t do hip thrusts and lunges as part of the workout since these were already targeted on the animal flow routines the other day. Plus, they’re sore.
  • Biceps and Triceps went well even if I still struggle with the weights a bit especially with the preacher curl doing the biceps.
  • I like how may posture has been corrected since we’ve been targeting my back for weak point a few weeks now.
  • I weighed in today at 92.4 kilos. My recorded weight last months was 94 kilos. I only lost a couple of pounds though I also did gain muscle, my clothes became looser, and my body has a more defined shape.
  • It was an amazing yet intense weak. I feel like I pushed my limit a little higher and I’m proud of myself for doing that.


This week, I wasn’t able to do meal prep being a little preoccupied during the previous weekend. I must say, it’s more difficult to adjust meals around because I didn’t have the base calories down. I’m guilty of eating more sweets today than usual because of meetings and presentations that I’ve been having left and right. I also ate ramen last weekend – a generous helping of caloric reward.

The coaches in the gym also gave away a really sweet valentines day token! And yes, I ate them because I my heart’s been craving for sweets!

As I sit here with my bum still sore from my workout earlier, I can’t but smile at all the results that I’m seeing and feeling. I’m giving myself a huge credit for doing the things that I thought I could never do before. It’s amazing to see the progress I’ve made and get a taste of my health goals.

Like everything in life, if you want something to grow, you need to be diligent and put in the work. We can’t just stand still and read about but we need to put it into action – consistent action.

My deepest gratitude goes to Coach Joel, Coach Thea, and all of the FHG-ers who supports and encourages me in this journey.

If you wanna get something accomplished, go at it like a sweat-drenched animal!

Keep safe and healthy!

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

Fitness Friday 05: Do Not Be Afraid

First of all, excuse me for posting this on a Saturday. My hands were full yesterday so I wasn’t able to publish. Ok so let’s just pretend that we’re reading this on a Friday haha!

Last Sunday, I went on a hike with my fellow gym members. We went to Tila Pilon Hills and then to Talon Pari Falls. It was my first time to go outside with nature since the pandemic hit so it was a very welcome breath of fresh air! I enjoyed being with mother nature. 

Going down from the summit
Muddy trail because it rained hard that morning

At Talon Pari Falls, I fearlessly jumped off a ledge of a waterfall. It was exhilarating to do! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the jump as my phone would get wet. I’ve never felt so much adrenaline since the start of the year. It was a fun day.

My stats on the day of the hike. 24,400 STEPS!

With my body still aching a bit from the activities, I pushed through with my workout on Monday. There’s no stopping now!


Warm-up: 10 min. Stationary Bike

Workout Target Areas: Chest & Triceps

12 Incline Barbell Press (4 sets)
12 Lying Bench Press (4 sets)
12 Decline Dumbbell Bench Press (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Pullover (3 sets)
12 Pec Deck Machine (3 sets)
12 Cable Cross Over(3 sets) 

12 Reverse Grip Pressdown (3 sets)
12 Dumbbell Tricep Extension (3 sets)
12 Cable Overhead Triceps Extension (3 sets)
20 Triceps Dips (3 sets)
20 Side Bends (3 sets)
*All repetitions increment in weight per set

Cooldown: Walk Home


  • We took it easy on this day since the whole Sunday felt like a full-body workout.
  • Not so much cardio but we focused on building muscles on chest and triceps since they’re not directly hit during our hike.
  • It still amazes me how I can now lift heavier weights. I think I’m underestimating the amount of weight I can lift. 
  • I had a good night’s sleep when I got home. Tired but fulfilled.


Warm-up: 10 min. Stationary Bike

Cardio (3 sets of):
20 Alternating Step Ups
20 Elevated Climbers
20 Squat Jacks 

Workout Target Areas: Back & Biceps

12 Deadlifts (3 sets)
12 Barbell Row (3 sets)
12 Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Down (3 sets)
12 Behind-The-Neck Lat Pull-Down (4 sets)
12 Seated Row (4 sets)
12 Dumbbell Curl (3 sets) 

12 Cable Bicep Curl (3 sets)
12 Cable Hammer Curl (3 sets)
12 Standing Dumbbell Curl (3 sets)
20 Wrist Curl (3 sets)

I did some ab crunches too but I forgot to record how much I did on this day.

*All repetitions increment in weight per set

Cooldown: Walk Home


  • My deadlift form is finally getting better! 
  • Coach said that he’s surprised that I wasn’t afraid to add more weights on the set. I’m now the one putting the weights on per set which was something I’ve developed when coming to the gym.
  • The set of dumbbells I’m using now is already reaching the 2nd rack starting 17 kilos.
  • I got really tired after the gym session. It’s only been half the week and I was exhausted!
  • Thank you body for making it for me, you’re such a blessing!


Warm-up: 10 min. Stationary Bike

Workout Target Areas: Legs & Shoulders

12 Dead Squats (3 sets) Final set at 90 kilos!
12 Leg Press (3 sets)
12 Hamstring Curl (3 sets)
12 Leg Extension (3 sets)
12 Calf Raises (3 sets)

12 Seated Shoulder Press(3 sets)
12 Cable Hammer Curl (3 sets)
12 Lateral Raise (3 sets)
12 Shoulder Plate Raise (3 sets)
12 Reverse Pec Deck (3 sets)
12 Face Pull (3 sets)
12 Upright Row (3 sets)
12 Face Pull (3 sets)
12 Shrugs (3 sets)

*All repetitions increment in weight per set

The plates on my last set of squats. Kinda scary right?

Core (3 sets of):
20 Ab Crunches
20 Leg Raises
20 Side to Side

Finish with 2 min. plank

Cooldown: 10 min. Stationary Bike


  • I’m beginning to enjoy doing squats though my form still needs improvement.
  • Coach Joel and Aldren told me that I should not be afraid of lifting the squat weight since they’re there to spot me. 
  • In any weight, I should not be afraid and have the mindset that I can lift them. Funny how life also works like that.
  • My shoulders really need strengthening, I think coach notices that and he eased me into more shoulder routines this day.
  • I’m beginning to notice my abdominal muscles getting stronger but it’s still covered in a huge layer of fat haha!
  • We’ll weigh in again next week! I’m kinda nervous because I don’t feel like I’m losing any weight but many people who are seeing me now are commenting that I’ve already lost a lot. Gotts be more patient with myself.

This week was a little bit tiring. I don’t know if my coach would be able to read this but I skipped doing fasted cardio last Thursday!

If there’s one thing that stuck with me since Sunday about my fitness and life and general it’s – Do Not Be Afraid. Looking at the week that has passed it has been subconsciously been my theme. I had a challenging week after a relaxing weekend but the message was clear and it was for me to not be afraid of what may come because it will all be ok in the end.

I want to leave the same message with you.

My friend, Do not be afraid.

Keep Safe!