My Weight Loss Journey, Skydiving, and Self-Love

“Motivation Is What Gets You Started, Habit Keeps You Going”

Jim Rohn

Showed my friends this picture the other day. One of them asked me a really good question.

“I’m curious, what motivates you (to lose weight)? Because what you’re doing is difficult to commit to.” He asked.

It took me a while to reply. Actually, I wasn’t able to really give him an answer. There were many things racing in my mind competing to become words that I couldn’t write anything back. Not wanting to give a less than satisfactory answer, I told him to watch out for my next blog post. So here it is!

My weight has always been a sensitive topic for me. I’ve been on the receiving end of countless teasing and have been made fun of because I didn’t weigh “normal”. I’ve also been judged and treated poorly by others. I was labeled “fat” and worse was being called “pig”. For me, It’s more bearable if the people who treat you this way are strangers. What hurts is when your friends and family draw this card out to spite you.

One of the most humiliating moments I’ve gone through was when our elementary school directress told me that I wouldn’t be able to go far in life because of my weight. Her face was a mix of disgust and amusement with a little bit of concern. I don’t know if she meant to encourage me but being in the faculty room with her at that time put on 1 billion tons of shame on my pre-teen self.

I carried that lie well into my adulthood. Thankfully, as I began to see my own potential and truth, I let go of it as I moved from one breakthrough to another. I hope that if ever we meet again, she’ll just stand back amazed at what I’ve accomplished with my heavyset frame.

Skydiving – A Meaningful Motivation

My weight loss journey is nothing special. You’ve probably read something similar.

I’ve been trying to lose weight for nine years. I’ve tried water fasting for a week (I don’t recommend this if you don’t know what you’re doing). There was a time when I became a vegetarian and ate like a rabbit for a month. I’ve also tried doing many kinds of diets – low carb, paleo, keto, and drinking expensive meal replacement shakes. I was also a regular at a gym that you can go to anytime during the day. Yes, I saw fast results but after only a few months I just go back to the way I was. 

I was not consistent and I hated what I was doing.

Only during this pandemic that I realized that my motivations didn’t have enough lasting meaning. I only wanted to lose weight for the sake of losing it, and because I hated my body. It had a negative effect. Diet and exercise, in a way, became torture instead of a means to become healthy. 

With the gift of pause that the quarantine has given us, I wrote personal goals I want to achieve before I turn thirty next year. I noticed that most of them would be easier if I get to a healthier weight. 

One that really jumps out of the list was SKYDIVING! 

This got me so excited that I’ve already booked a flight going to the sky diving center next year (I really hope all the travel bans are cleared out by then). The maximum weight indicated in the guidelines was 230 lbs. I’m proud to say that I’ve already gone past this goal and my weight is skydive ready!

There are many things that I was afraid of or never pursued because of my weight. If my weight is the only reason why I’m not fully living my life then I should change it. I should give my body the love and care it deserves so I can fully use it to fulfill my dreams, hopes, and desires and fully give to the world.

I needed to be consistent and love what I am doing.

A Habit Of Self-Love

With a new perspective and my motivations up, I needed to make it stick. To make it stick, I made a set of rules to keep myself going and eventually make it a habit. 

  • Never go more than two days without exercise
  • Always choose the healthier option
  • Thank yourself for the efforts you put in each day
  • When you’re tired and tempted to cheat – remember your WHY

Yes it’s hard to follow and I’ve failed many times, and many times, I fought to get back on track again. Anything that’s difficult can be overcome when you go back to your why. Having a meaningful motivation helps keep you on track. Use your WHY POWER!

Seeing the results of my hard work gave me more motivation to continue and lose more weight. My motivation has evolved from doing skydiving to self-love. Keeping myself healthy has become a good habit that gave birth to more good habits. The more that I took care, treated and loved myself, the more I became better at giving and receiving love.

I’ve worked hard to be where I am right now and I don’t want to go back to who I used to be. I still have a long way to go before reaching my ideal weight but I’m getting there.

Losing weight is hard. For some, gaining weight is hard. Life is hard. Change is hard. 

But persevering through all the hard stuff will make you stronger and better than you were before. Choose to win for yourself.

If you want to start building something new for yourself what’s your “skydiving” motivation? How does this make you love yourself more? What can you do to make it stick?

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